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Getting' NASTY

Over the past month I competed in my first crossfit competition, a team event series called, The Nasty North East Throwdown.

For two Sundays and a Saturday, crossfit devotees from all over Northern NJ came together to test their strengths, and find out what it really feels like to kick your own ass.

Teams ranged from seasoned veterans and competitive crossfitters to newbies who’ve only just recently been absorbed into the crossfit world and already can’t seem to get enough. Week after week we were tested and pushed harder by the competition events, by our teammates and friends, and by ourselves.


At the beach there were 2400 meter runs, 800 meters of lunging in the sand, yoke carries, and the longest army crawl/human tunnel thing I’ve even done in my life.

At the box we found ourselves doing (among many other events): 100 partner bars to overhead, fireman carries, bar-facing burpees (if you don’t know, just know they suck), some crazy starfish-shaped weight passing thing, and wrestling spins that brought back bad games of dizzy bat, but without the beer.

The highlights for me were watching people push themselves and finding myself doing things I couldn’t have even dreamed I would be doing a year ago when I first walked into Crossfit A.C.T. The community and camaraderie that this event brought together was incredible, and I love that I’ve found myself surrounded by such strong, motivated, and down-right AWESOME people.


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