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It's Not What the World Needs

I saw a quote today that really hit home for me:

“Don’t ask me what the world needs. Ask what makes you come Alive. Because what the world NEEDS is people who have come Alive.” -Howard Thurman

Your relationship with the world should be symbiotic not parasitic (there’s my inner biologist). You should take what you give and give what you take. Do what makes you excited about life and the world around you. I have to believe that Passion and Happiness are contagious. One happy person can be moved to do something great to elevate the next person. The happy and passionate people who help others only increase their happiness by doing so, so nothing is lost only gained. Theoretically we could end up with a world of happy, passionate, life-loving, adventure seeking beings.

So if you’re sitting at a desk, unengaged and loathing the daily grind day in and day out, you’re essentially a drain. I’m not suggesting you quit your job (unless that’s what it really has come to), but instead find something to add to your daily routine that brings you back to life. Go sky-diving, start a club, learn a language!

To be upset is to miss out; I can tell you from personal experience. I have my ups and downs, and there’ve been points in my life when my ‘downs’ have severely out-weighed my ‘ups’. But in the last year I can honestly say I’ve reached a happy that I’ve never seen before. A state of ‘pure joy’ if you will. I’m no good for myself or the world when I’m upset. Skiing, hiking, crossfit, and creative cooking make me happy, and essentially feel ALIVE. That’s a feeling I want to share. My quest now is to learn how to maintain that feeling and work to achieve it almost every day.

What do you do to feel ALIVE?

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