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My Manifesto

Here it is; something I’ve compiled based on my goals for this New Year. Just to be clear, the following aren’t goals. They are guidelines that I intend to adapt and follow, and by following them I believe they will help me achieve my goals. Scroll down and check it out.


  1. Whenever possible, choose vegetables

  2. Never go two days without exercising. Always exercise on Monday

  3. If it is not raining, spend at least one hour outside per day doing anything.

  4. Be happy with less; Savor the good things

  5. Tackle one thing a day that seems scary, daunting, menial

  6. Cut down on (out) sugar

  7. Stop being your own bully. The power of positive thinking is incredibly underestimated.

  8. People succeed in groups à start a group to support one term of the manifesto

  9. When you start to criticize someone, stop, and say one positive thing about them instead

  10. Appreciate one beautiful thing every day

  11. “Happiness is only real when shared”

  12. Don’t let your own insecurities diminish someone else’s happiness

  13. Break down big projects into manageable chunks and do a little bit EVERY day

  14. Always be in the middle of a good book

  15. If there’s a bouncy castle, JUMP IN THAT SHIT!

  16. Pick your battles wisely, most aren’t worth it; Love > Ego

  17. If you keep good food in the fridge, you will eat good food

  18. Live in the moment. Take every day one day at a time. Don’t ruin tomorrow by stressing about it

  19. Drink water, but take the time to celebrate (with tequila)

  20. Travel to a different country at least once a year

  21. Avoid clutter. For every purchase, something else must go

  22. Whatever you do, always give 100%...unless you’re donating blood

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