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The Monster Factory Movie


This 10-episode web series follows Mountain Athlete's freeski team through the 2014-2015 season. 
"The series will highlight elite professionals and talented up-and-comers as they train four days a week from June until the snow flies in November—and juggle the rest of life. Whether they’re slinging burgers and beer to pay for the next comp, putting their professional careers on the back burner, or spending lonely months recovering from injuries, these skier’s lives are about more than “pow and PBR.” - Skiing Magazine
For an inside look at the gym, the athletes, and the making of the series check out 

The Monster Factory Teaser


Some have “made it”. Some are running on straight enthusiasm, talent and potential. Being a professional skier may seem glamorous, but the road to the top isn’t always smooth sailing. The first episode of The Monster Factory is coming soon—stay tuned!

Episode #3 - WORK


Just getting to the gym is one thing, doing the WORK is another. The mountains are demanding and unforgiving, so preparation is key. The Mountain Athlete Freeski Team trains four days a week from June thru November - get a glimpse into the rigorous training we put ourselves through in this episode.

Episode #1: Waste


Slinging burgers and beer while your degree in finance sits dormant. Leaving a high-paying job on Wall Street to wash windows.

Working as a barista after graduating from Harvard. Take a peek into what aspiring freeskiers do to try to make it as pros. Are they brave to follow their passion, trying to make their dreams come true, or are they wasting their potential?


WASTE: The first in a series that takes a look at what a handful of athletes are doing to make it in the world of Freeskiing. 

Episode # 4 - Perseverance


This episode visits the trials and tribulations of established pros, Crystal Wright and Griffin Post, and explores what it has taken for them to position themselves at the top of the sport. 

"I’ve heard no far more times in my career than I heard yes…It feels like you get beat down sometimes, but I think the most important thing is trying to turn that rejection into something positive."


Episode #2: Business


Between the pro athletes and their sponsors, there’s a lot of negotiating that goes on behind the scenes. What makes a good sponsored athlete? How do athletes know when they have a good deal with a sponsor? Are the best skiers/riders always the athletes who land sponsorship deals? Take a look at the business side of being a professional skier in Episode 2 of The Monster Factory series.


Episode #5 - Craft


It's time to take that stregth to the snow, as athletes prepare for a season of big mountain competitions through on-hill training.

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