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I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Not because I lack things I’d like to improve on, but because New Year’s is an unconventional time for me, it’s really the middle of my year. If it were up to me, New Year’s would come on May 31st when I’ve finally settled into the notation that the ski season is over and it’s time to start looking ahead to next season. That’s when I finally take a second to see what I’ve accomplished, where I’ve failed and what I want to change. The fact that I can plan my year on it should tell you enough about my love for skiing. It’s engrained in me and I don’t see it changing any time soon. It’s an outlet, a limitless goal, a daily monster to face, a reflection of myself, my heart.

You get the picture.

Let’s call skiing the ‘background’ for just about everything that will follow from here on out in this blog. I’ll talk about my triumphs, extraordinary yard sales, learning experiences (epic mistakes), the powder days when it was so deep I couldn’t breathe. But I won’t tell you for the sake of bragging, (well, maybe a little), but just because it’s part of my life, it happened and I probably learned something from it. I was there, and I was alive doing it.

Skiing is my constant. It always has been. So what better backdrop for me to step back and take a look at my last year? I’ll ask myself, what did I achieve? What did I overcome? What were my set-backs? Where can I improve? And what new goals can I set?Cheesy? Maybe. Been done? Sure.Taking a minute to pick your shit up off the floor and think about how you can do better isn’t a novel idea. But this is mine and I am the only version of myself that exists. It’s about me, and it’s my chance to understand a bit about myself, and maybe even get a bit closer to figuring out what I really want.


According to my calendar, I have a little over a week till New Year’s, and I have some resolution’s I’d like to declare.Have you made any resolutions (large or small) lately?

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