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A Simple List

So I’ve been thinking about this idea of a resolution, or my own personal “Manifesto” if you will. To figure out what I want, I needed to understand what I wanted to change. I made a simple list. “Simple” was the key word. These simple questions merit paragraphs of answers, but the last thing I really wanted to do is reread my long winded answers (and whoever’s reading this, I did this out of consideration for you too).

What did I accomplish?

  • Ended the season on a healthy, body-intact note

  • Made it to finals at the Salomon Extreme Freeride Championships at Taos

  • Finished the season ranked 20th overall out of 60 U.S. Women

  • Got significantly stronger mentally and physically thanks to crossfit (Hiiiii Biiiiillyyyy)

  • Entered the season with some great sponsors and picked up a few awesome ones along the way

  • Managed to work, ski every day, and pay my rent

  • Followed a strict paleo diet for 4 months and felt incredible

  • Competed in my first crossfit competition


Where did I fail?

  • Beat myself up over minor failures

  • Let one bad fall get the best of me and made me back out of things well within my ability

  • Got lax with my diet and eating habits

  • Balancing friends

  • Putting too many people’s needs and feelings ahead of my own

  • Thinking negatively

  • Lacking confidence

  • Forgetting to breathe during competitions

What made me feel happy?

  • My first experience choking on Utah’s champagne powder, soooo deep!

  • Finally hitting the hanging bowl double at Snowbird, then going back to hit it again

  • RX-ing Crossfit workouts (WODs)

  • Seeing familiar faces everyday

  • Competition excitement and the Freeride World Tour community

  • The Wasatch mountains in their beautiful snow-covered glory

  • Meeting someone I fell in love with

  • After WOD endorphins

  • Creative (paleo) cooking

  • Falling into a great job/learning opportunity thanks to fate and hitch-hiking


What upset me?

  • The feeling after eating crappy, unhealthy food

  • Being torn between friends

  • Competition results below my standards for myself, and my ability

  • Moments of financial broke-ness

  • Self-doubt

  • Flaky roommates

  • People holding grudges

  • Uncomfortable feeling that follows when people compliment me

  • Parental disproval of my ski bum lifestyle

What are my goals for this year?

  • Qualify for the Freeride World Tour

  • Do a muscle-up, then do multiple ones in a row

  • Do two solid things to build my resume (new job, project, experience)

  • Shoot some photos, make it into a ski magazine

  • Do a backflip on skis

  • Make the healthiest choices for myself (physically, emotionally)

  • Keep getting stronger, crush self-doubt

  • Make my lifestyle financially sustainable, learn a new trade

  • Be an inspiration

  • Develop plans for my long term dream-soon-to-be-actual-project (tell you more later)

  • Volunteer at least once a month

  • Make time for all of my friends, I owe them so much


Well, that’s my list in a (lengthy) nutshell. I have a lot of goals, some more work intensive than others, but all equally important, and as far as I see it they’re all achievable. I’ll build my manifesto off of the above. They’re more or less guidelines I aspire to live by, and by doing so I hope to achieve my goals.

I have some thinking to do.

Good Night for now

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